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for when you feel nothing by heeuko [ listen here ] 

1. afire love — ed sheeran // 2. perfect — hedley // 3. i’m with you — avril lavigne // 4. falling up — the cab // 5. sad song — we the kings ft. elena // 6. even my dad does sometimes — ed sheeran // 7. come home — one republic // 8. like we used to — a rocket to the moon // 9. asleep — the smiths

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i feel like i’d enjoy being an assassin if it didn’t involve killing people

what if instead of killing people you got hired to just ruin their day.  like the mafia or someone paid you to park behind someone’s car so they can’t back out of a spot when they’re in a rush in the morning and you make them late for work.

i would enjoy that immensely

there is a long list of people that i would gladly do that to without payment

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It’s results day
Ha ha
Ha ah


the worst feeling is when one of your friends brings up a kink that you kinda like but then they’re like “IDK WHY PEOPLE LIKE THAT SORT OF THING THAT’S WEIRD” and you just (sweats quietly)

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Me:Dude what should I go as for Halloween?
Friend:Just write EXAM RESULTS DAY on a plain shirt... and use that as a costume... you'll probably scare the shit out of everyone.






Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually

shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 

shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg

shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.

Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea.  

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